Arena of Heroes Released on iOS and Screens

The first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title to include asynchronous gameplay
Unveiling these screenshots, Perfect World Entertainment announced that Arena of Heroes, developed by Sneaky Games, is available to download for the Apple iPad. In celebration of this launch, the first fifty thousand player accounts will receive the "Moleten Ivan" Premium Character Skin ($9.99 value). To redeem in-game, players need to finish the tutorial and will unlock their first set of playable characters, including "Moleten Ivan".
In Arena of Heroes, players can choose from a variety of unique heroes to form a team and battle their opponents in the Arena. Each player has a Power Core and is tasked to attack their opponent’s Power Core until it has no remaining health.
Arena of Heroes is free-to-play and currently stars 15 heroes with which to strategize and battle, with each hero offering multiple character skins. Players can upgrade their experience by customizing heroes and accelerating their level-up time through gameplay rewards or with in-game purchases.