CastleStorm for Wii U Dated and Screens/Trailer

CastleStorm was born out of the fond childhood memory of building and destroy Lego castles
Zen Studios today announced that CastleStorm, previously released for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita, will arrive on Wii U on December 26th, 2013 via Nintendo eShop. This is a super genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler.
CastleStorm makes full use of the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad, which mirrors the action being displayed on the TV allowing the game to be fully playable on the GamePad without a TV. All functionality is available without touch as well, using the sticks and action buttons. In local multiplayer, one player uses the Pro Controller and looks at the TV, the other player uses the GamePad and plays on the Gamepad screen.
Eleven screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.