Demon Core Announced and Screens/Trailer

Aspects of the game are unique artistic style combining near-future high technology with exotic Russian design and innovative gameplay elements
The Finnish game development studio Apex Games today revealed Demon Core, a single-player, story driven first person shooter situated in a Russian research laboratory, working on solutions for potent sources of energy. The female protagonist of the game, a scientist working in the said laboratory, is faced with a dire situation and is forced to use all possible means she has to survive the overwhelming attack set upon the lab.
The innovative gameplay elements allow you to blend in among the other victims, even feign death over other who have already fallen in the battle. You can use the tools you have available to set up traps, sneak around your enemies and start working on them from the top of the chain; the enemy squads follow a chain of command, which allows you to target a commanding officer or a radio operator, sending the squad into disarray and cutting off any calls for back-up.
Various types of soldiers with different equipment, experience in battle and even different personalities make sure to keep the gameplay versatile, with elite soldiers raining led down on the player in all circumstances and the more feeble grunts breaking off in a panic at the sight of fellow soldiers falling in battle.
Demon Core is estimated to be released in Q4 2014. for PC and Mac - six screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.