New Features for Magicka: Wizard Wars

The game is currently available on Steam Early Access
Paradox Interactive announced that players of Magicka: Wizard Wars now have access to a Magicks Screen for their in-game wizard, where they can unlock powerful new Magicks to wield in battle. Gameplay will reward players with crystals forged of pure elements, and crystals can be used to unlock Magick spells to use on foes (and probably friends) in matches - such as the Mighty Hail, a massive ice bombardment that freezes a wide area and any wizards unlucky enough to be standing within it.
Alongside the newly added Magicks Screen, wintry content has also been added by way of holiday-spirited Imps, snowy backdrops, and the ability to equip snowballs as a weapon, which will freeze enemies dead in their tracks.