Eliza Joins Tekken Revolution and Screens/Trailer

A new patch for Tekken Revolution is now available: new character and content
Following a contest held during the San Diego Comic-Con, Eliza the female Vampire, was the concept picked out to join the battle in Tekken Revolution, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe. Born more than 1000 years ago, she decided to take a small nap, which lasted several hundred years. This long rest still have some effects on her as she is prone to sleepiness and can fall asleep at any time. This narcolepsy has its positive sides: if she sleeps during a fight, Eliza will recover health. On top of this exclusive regeneration method, her fighting mechanics are totally unique, as she is the first TEKKEN character ever able to use projectile moves.
To unlock this new character, players will have to collect Blood Seals, which are received after battles. Once she is unlocked, additional content will be accessible by collecting even more Blood Seals.
On top of Eliza joining the battle, the 1.4 patch also includes new costumes for Jaycee and Bob, new Premium effects for Eliza, Christie and Lee, and Jaycee Swimsuit costume. A video presenting this new content and three fresh screenshots have been added in our download section.