Tribal Wars 2 Announcement Video

The battle for the medieval world continues
InnoGames has released the first video for Tribal Wars 2, showing alpha footage of the game on browser, Android and iOS for the first time. Also included in the footage are interviews with members of the team and InnoGames co-founder Hendrik Klindworth, all describing their visions for the game and upcoming features.
In Tribal Wars 2, players find themselves as leader of a small village in the midst of a medieval world. Tasked with growing and expanding their empire within a war-torn landscape, they have to fight in order to survive. The MMO's focus is real-time strategic battles with and against other players. Army size is not all that matters - political alliances and military pacts are crucial for success. Team play is a key aspect of the game.
Compared to its predecessor, Tribal Wars 2 offers a significantly enhanced set of features, with a total of 17 buildings, 26 technologies and 13 units.