Out of the Park Baseball 14 Released on Steam

OOTP offers unparalleled flexibility in creating your own baseball world
OOTP Developments has announced that Out of the Park Baseball 14 (OOTP) is available now via Steam for PC and Mac. This is a baseball game that lets players run a major league team from top to bottom, setting lineups and pitching rotations, determining defensive and offensive strategies, and making dozens of game-time decisions, such as when to steal a base or employ a hit-and-run.
You can play solo with a baseball world of your own creation: make a simple, 8-team league, play a typical major league game with 2013 rosters including full minor leagues, create a historical league with real players from any year between 1871 and 2012 or build an enormous world with baseball leagues in multiple countries. For the ultimate challenge, you can join an online league and test your mettle against other human players.
In related news, Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 is still on Steam Greenlight here and the company hopes it will soon accumulate enough votes to join OOTP on the Steam store.