Sniper Elite 3 Tobruk Video

The most advanced kill-cam on the planet is taken to explosive new levels with the introduction of the vehicle kill-cam
505 Games and Rebellion have unveiled a new trailer for Sniper Elite 3, showcasing this game scheduled to launch in 2014, for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Set three years before the events of Sniper Elite V2, the trailer highlights an all-new North African World War II location, scalable battlefields packed with multiple routes and advanced AI, the broad range of the North African terrain and realistic HDR lighting that lets players use shadows to approach each deadly shot exactly as they see fit.
Also illustrated are Rebellion's Asura game engine, next-gen gameplay, an overhauled X-ray 'kill camera' detailing muscle layers and circulatory systems, advanced graphical features such as volumetric lighting, cinematic full-screen effects and real-time tessellation.