War Thunder 1.37 Update Launched and Trailer

More than 300 historically accurate aircrafts are now available in War Thunder
Unveiling a new video, Gaijin Entertainment announced that the latest update to War Thunder is now live introducing a new progression system, numerous new planes and combat maps, DirectX 11 support and many other improvements. This major update introduces more than 20 new aircrafts, including the long-awaited Ki-84 Japanese fighter and German attack plane Hs.129B-3, featuring the enormous 75-mm cannon.
In addition, 8 new maps provide diverse combat scenarios, and all of the game locations got a serious visual overhaul thanks to updated render with DirectX 11 support. Test-flights are much improved now: players can chose different missions, the skill level of AI-opponents, time of the day, weather effects and many other parameters.
With the new progression system War Thunder pilots can chose the aircraft they want to unlock next, and what modifications they want to research for it. This allows players to progress more quickly through the branch of the research tree they prefer. At the same time, both new and existing players will keep their achievements, earned modifications and previously purchased planes.
And, with the upcoming addition of Ground Forces expansion, every player will be researching tanks and other vehicles from the beginning, regardless of previous experience with War Thunder. Visit this page to read the official developers diary in full on the new system.