Syder Arcade First Update Released

The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted
A patch for Syder Arcade is now available, updating this a free-scrolling, multi-directional arcade shooter developed by Studio Evil. It adds a new playable ship, The Overseer - it's fast and deadly in combat, heavily relies on wraiths for damage and survivability, and unleashes a powerful shockwave that destroys enemy bullets. Two new challenge levels are also offered - The Lighthouse, where the gamer is called to defend the last bastion of Miza against a brutal pirate assault; The Ice Canyon is a race against time on the frozen moon of Ymir.
In addition, new Steam achievements have been added, together with a powerup born from a special collaboration. If you also own Unepic on Steam, some of the in-game pods will be transformed into cute, pixelated Baby Dragons from UnEpic. A similar surprise happens playing UnEpic with both games in the Steam library.
In related news, Studio Evil announced that Syder Arcade is available for $4.99, 50% off the original price during the Steam Christmas Sales. Moreover, the Linux version of the game is finally available on Steam, and can now be purchased along with the classic PC and Mac versions.