Rekoil Dated

Rekoil is focused entirely on balanced, infantry-based combat across numerous locations without killstreaks and other unfair advantages
The PC version of Rekoil will arrive via Steam on January 28th, while the Xbox 360 edition of the game will launch via Xbox LIVE Arcade on January 29th, 505 Games announced. Created by Plastic Piranha, Rekoil is a multiplayer first person shooter in which the downtrodden "Minutemen" are pitted against their oppressors, Darkwater Inc, in a world where the only goal is to survive the unrelenting pandemic that has swept across the globe.
Both PC and Xbox 360 versions allow for mass battles for up to 24 players, seven different game modes, 10 maps and 40 different weapons. The PC version features mod tools and was developed for eSports.