Secrets of Raetikon Gets Steam Early Access

A DRM-free version of the game also launched today via the Humble Store
In Secrets of Raetikon, an exploration game set in the alpine mountains, the player unlocks the secrets of the world around him one by one. Flying freely through a rugged landscape, he encounters wild animals and remnants of an ancient civilization. Whether the player engages in combat or solves the mysteries of the world peacefully is up to her.
Secrets of Raetikon is now available via Steam Early Access, Broken Rules announced. The launch price is $9.99 (£6.99, €8.99) and there is a 25% launch discount during the first week.
This Open Alpha version includes a single player campaign featuring seven different kinds of animals that build an emergent ecosystem. Included with the game is a level editor that allows to transform the whole game or even build a new one and share it via Steam Workshop. The finished game will be released in early 2014.