Wargame: Red Dragon Teaser Video

Look forward to new factions, new units and combat vehicles (for a total of over 1,300) and, in particular, the introduction of naval units
Focus Home Interactive and Eugen Systems have unveiled a teaser movie for Wargame Red Dragon, a new Wargame title which retains the same core game mechanics that made the series so successful, but the action leaves Europe for the first time and moves to a conflict in Asia between 1975 and 1991.
Wargame: Red Dragon features 5 new nations, among which China and North Korea join the armed forces with over 450 new units. The introduction of naval and amphibian units is a particular highlight, with the maritime and river areas providing fresh strategic opportunities. A new solo campaign plunges players headlong into a hellish war around Korea, while Wargame's extensive and road-tested multiplayer mode will engage them in battles with up to 20 other players simultaneously.