Lumini Joins Steam Greenlight

Guid a swarm of Lumini in an adventurous world with lots to explore
Developed by Steelbaars for PC, Lumini is a 2.5D sidescrolling adventure game with emphasis on flow gameplay. You control a swarm of cute, little creatures called 'Lumini' who have awoken from their slumber due to recent imbalance on their home planet. They find themselves in a beautiful, but hostile world and it's up to you to guide them to safety.
You will cross paths with other creatures who will try to have your swarm for breakfast. Along the way you will lose members of your swarm, but don't feel down; during your journey you can extract energy from the planet's flora and use this energy to breed new and stronger Lumini at mystical crystals you find scattered across the world. You can also decide to split up your swarm and control them separately to strategically outsmart the enemy by employing daring manouvres and cunning tactics.
Its Steam Greenlight page is located here.