Concursion Gameplay Video

A 'Retro Gaming Fusion Mashup', Concursion blends five unique styles each into a single cohesive real-time shifting game
Developed by Puuba for PC and Mac, Concursion is a single 2D action game seamlessly fusing together five different original, and uniquely designed, games each based on a classic gameplay genre. The story of Concursion is about one hero on a mission to save his princess and stop their hybrid world from being torn apart. Throughout his journey, and mid-level, our hero will regularly encounter gaps in the reality of the world - seams where one gaming world meets another. The art style changes, the music style cross-fades, and all creatures' behaviors are affected by the change.
As the hero crosses these boundaries, he instantly transforms into a new form: a fast sprinting platformer, a shoot 'em up spaceship, a hack 'n' slash double-jumping, 6-way-slashing ninja, a jetpack wielding planetary explorer, and a top down maze explorer.
A gameplay movie is locally mirrored.