Sadwick Returns In The Whispered World 2, New Screens Revealed

Another visually impressive and emotional adventure from Daedalic Entertainment
Releasing these screenshots, Daedalic Entertainment announced that the hero of The Whispered World will be features as a playable character alongside Renie in Silence: The Whispered World II, the sequel set to be available in late 2014 for PC and Mac.
Sixteen year old Noah, the young boy Sadwick once saw in the reflection, is all grown up and on the verge of losing his little sister Renie to the perils of war wreaking havoc in the real world. Separated in chaos of the bombs falling all around them, he soon finds himself alone and back in Silence where another war is raging on. In a bid to find his little sister in the curious world of dreams Noah, in the guise of Sadwick, joins a band of rebels fighting against The False Queen.