Blackguards First Video Guide Released

Delve into the treacherous world of The Dark Eye
Daedalic Entertainment has launched the first installment of a series of video guides detailing the intricate rules of The Dark Eye, the RPG universe Blackguards is set within. Since the original release over thirty years ago, The Dark Eye has become Europe's most successful Pen & Paper RPG system with multiple expansions over the course of its history. Keen to stay as true to the original as possible, the Blackguards developer have implemented the sophisticated criteria unique to The Dark Eye while still remaining accessible to players new to the universe.
These rule sets are most evident in the Blackguards level-up system and character development. Players will receive 'adventure points' after each battle which can be used to increase attributes such as skills, agility, courage or spells at any time, making the process of building a character from the base classes more dynamic. Daedalic will also be adding free character customisation from the start of the game via a patch upon release following community feedback from the recent Early Access program.
The first video guide is focusing on character classes.