Legend Online: New Era iOS Version Released

Crush your foes in this saga and rise to glory in your kingdom
337 has announced that Legend Online: New Era, previously released on Android, is now also available on iOS. This is an action-packed, fantasy MMORPG that places gamers in a world of warring kings, fantastic beasts and treacherous perils. Players can select the class they wish to play as: Warrior, Mage or Archer. As players advance in gameplay, each character's appearance can be customized by collecting or winning special gear sets with bonuses and special effects. In between games, players can visit their character's Skill Tree to divvy up their Skill Points to customize and personalize their combat strategy.
To succeed in the game’s turn-based battles, a player must strive to upgrade and personalize their character, soldiers, weapons and city to lead their unique fighting force out into the world for epic solo battles or legendary player vs. player (PVP) clashes in laddered combat. Players can also create Guilds and forge Alliances, making it a "common cause" with friends and fellow adventurers to bring the entire world under their control. Guilds can also compete against each other for total domination.