Total War: Rome II Assembly Kit Beta Available

Beyond the Beta phase, Creative Assembly aims to expand The Assembly Kit over time with further tools as they are developed
A Beta version of the Total War: Rome II Assembly Kit, a suite of mod-tools specifically designed to help modders get creative with Total War: Rome II, is available now for free in the Tools section of Steam. It contains a series of tools to help modders edit Rome II's database and variants, and process data such as textures, models, animations and campaign-game start positions. A suite of exporters also enables users to then edit unit models and animations using third party software.
The Assembly Kit comes packaged with example data, such as naval vessels, soldiers, animation sets, and the complete Rome II database backend. When a mod is complete, it can be uploaded directly to the Steam Workshop via the Rome II launcher, where over 1000 user-created mods can already be found.