Wayward Terran Frontier Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Trailer

Design a star ship and explore a massive galaxy with your friends
Created by Reason Generator, Wayward Terran Frontier aims to be a mix of a space trader and an exploration based action role playing game. Inside the procedurally generated galaxy there will be some core human worlds that act as a safe haven for trade and commerce. Players will enjoy space stations, an economy, and non player characters going about their daily lives that can be messed with or exploited for profit. However, outside of those core worlds players will find the galaxy plays more like an action RPG. As they explore players will find dynamic events, monsters to fight, bad guys to explode, and most of all they will find loot.
Players who stay near to civilization can enjoy short, low stress game sessions with constant character progress. This game is inspired by games like escape velocity, so trade and piracy will be viable gameplay strategies. Meanwhile players who venture out into the dark will find great rewards in exchange for great risk: the farther you travel the more dangerous and mysterious space becomes.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here - a video showcasing the game is now locally mirrored.