Masters of the Gridiron Kickstarter Campaign Underway

No dice, no boards, no gimmick
Sports Mogul has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Masters of the Gridiron, which aims to combine the simplicity and strategy of a 15-minute head-to-head card game with the depth and detail of a pro football simulation.
Each player starts the game with 3 offensive player cards, 3 defensive player cards, and 4 playbook cards. To mount a scoring drive, you match a playbook card to an offensive player with the appropriate skills (such as "passing" or "run blocking") and lay them down on the table, announcing the player rating that your opponent must beat in order to stop you from scoring. Along the way, you will enjoy all the aspects of a real football game, from goal-line stands and two-point conversions to game-changing interceptions and last-minute field goals.
As with traditional card games like poker, you go head-to-head against your opponent, taking calculated risks, and using one move to set up the next one. There is no "play guessing" mechanic to make you feel like you are playing rock-paper-scissors.