Happy Wars Title Update 11 Launched and Screens

Everything from game rules, modes, and leveling has been updated
Along with these screenshots, Toylogic announced that a new major update for Happy Wars is now available via Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA). The patch includes a new game mode, Bounty Hunters, in which teams compete over total bounties earned. Bounties can be earned by killing enemy characters, conquering towers, and by destroying the enemy Big Tower. Earning bounties in succession without dying will raise the bounty on your head.
With this update, Training Mode has been changed into Skirmish Mode, which unlike Training, gives players score, items, and Happy Stars. Moreover, items now have an "Item Experience point" value. Items gain experience through "Item Level-Up" as before, but can also gain experience by being used in multiplayer. When the item accumulates a certain amount of experience, it levels up.
In addition, Happy Wars is now playable by Xbox LIVE Free members - all game modes are available, except for multiplayer, missions, and the Treasure Map.