Monuments Added to Anno Online and Screens/Trailer

Players can now unlock and build monumental structures that provide extraordinary bonuses
The Anno Online players are now able to build monumental constructions that provide extraordinary bonuses in the game, Ubisoft announced. By completing a quest chain, players will gain knowledge points and unlock new Monuments buildings, with the "Library" acting as the first available option. A Monument can have up to three construction phases and players must deliver goods to the construction site and search throughout the game for special construction components.
After building the Library, players will discover the Tech Tree, which consists of several branches that can be unlocked for additional Knowledge Points. These points will provide players the ability to build six different types of Botanical Garden, each one giving the player a specific buff or bonus.
In multiplayer, players can visit other players and help them with their monument construction by sending Constructors to the construction site for a specific period of time. A player can also request help from other players to improve the construction process of their buildings.
Seven fresh screenshots and a new video presenting this new addition to the game have been added in our download section.