Loadout Annihilation Video Released

Loadout is an outrageous new multi-player shooter that's all about the guns
Edge of Reality has released a new gameplay movie for Loadout, an over-the-top shooter developed for PC and Mac, and due to arrive via Steam on January 31st, 2014. At its core, the Annihilation mode combines gameplay objectives from three classic Loadout modes (Jackhammer, Blitz and Death Snatch) and fuses it together with in-game player progression and power-ups. In doing so, it forms an intense environment where high levels of communication and teamwork are required to be successful. The Annihilation mode supports up to eight players at one time and can be played in both exhibition and practice.
Loadout is a fast-paced, completely chaotic, third-person shooter with an insane amount of weapons and customization options. You can choose from just about everything under the sun - from the gun's chassis and barrel to the trigger and stock - everything can be modified, whether it shoots bullets, fire, rockets, plasma beams, healing syringes, etc.