Eclipse War Online Unveiled and Screens

Transform, evolve, and destroy
Playwith Interactive has revealed Eclipse War Online, a new MMORPG that introduces new features to the genre such as the Transformation system which will allow you to play as every mob in a vast fantasy world that spans 3 land masses, is populated by a total of 7 races, and teeming with different species of animal and unknown monsters. Any monster or boss has the potential to drop a Transformation Card that will allow you to take the physical form of that creature and assume control of their unique skillset in addition to your base character class skills.
Additionally, all transformations have a certain activity or habitat where they will receive special bonuses that can affect combat, crafting, or even stealth. The night-day cycle in Eclipse War also introduces new mechanics. Each transformation will favor the dark of night, or the warmth of day. Depending on what your species is attuned to, you will receive different bonuses during your preferred time of day.
Eclipse War Online will enter beta testing later this year - four screenshots found their way in our gallery.