Duel Mode Announced for Magicka: Wizard Wars and Trailer

One-on-one matches with rapidly cycling opponents allow players to fight mana-a-mano
At the Paradox Interactive Convention in Miami, Paradox Interactive announced that a fast-paced Duel Mode will be added to Magicka: Wizard Wars, a player-versus-player (PvP)-focused multiplayer game from Paradox North. In Duel Mode, four players will step into an arena with a shortage of personal space, and two randomly chosen players will begin the battle in a one-on-one format while the others witness the carnage. When one wizard falls, a spectator will take their place, with all four players cycling into the game until one robe warrior has scored six murders - making them the champion.
A video that shows the new Duel Mode in action is locally mirrored.