Darkrima Open Beta Soon

Take on the role of Human or Elf fighting for the cause of a threatened Empire
Gamerocks has announced that Darkrima, a new free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG, will enter open beta testing soon. In Darkrima, you arrive in the world that was once dominated by humans, but their gluttonous actions and the oppression of lesser races led them to revolt against your ancestors. After losing the war and being chased to the far ends of the world, a hero emerged to unite the remaining humans. These humans, spent much time running from their enemies, but eventually united with a group of Elves and later Dragon-kin, and pushed the lesser races back from the southern part of the continent. After control was established the Hero went into seclusion and except for minor border skirmishes, the humans lived in peace. Now that peace seems to be coming to an end as the border skirmishes have begun to pick up, you, as a new soldier you have choices to make.
Darkrima features lots of in-game systems to keep you busy such as Events, Dungeons, Skills, Mounts, Pets, Fishing and Hot Springs. The game also promises large scale Guild Battles and challenging world boss fights.