Double Dragon: Neon Released on Steam, Screens Available

Face-melting Neon action pushes Steam to the MAX
Majesco Entertainment today announced that Double Dragon: Neon, developed by WayForward and previously released on Xbox 360 and PS3, is now available via Steam. The PC version sports full Steam integration and online cooperative play.
The world's most iconic arcade brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee are back in a reboot of the classic side-scrolling beat-em-up that fueled a generation of gamers. When Marian is kidnapped by the evil forces of the Shadow Warriors gang, the brothers set out to win her back and take down their chief nemesis Skullmageddon. Along the way, players will take on hordes of street-gangs, guzzle gallons of soda and rock out to some stellar tunes in the form of ability-enhancing mixtapes.
Five screenshots found their way in our gallery.