No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! Announced for PS Vita, Screens Released

No Heroes Allowed series is making its return in Spring 2014 as a free-to-play hunting puzzle game for PS Vita
In No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!, the fifth entry in the series, as a "God of Destruction", you must use your evil power of destruction to defeat more than 200 quirky looking heroes in 64 levels of match-three puzzles. As you conquer levels and capture heroes, the heroes are banished to your dungeon, where they work for you to dig up valuable items in the mines that can be used as power ups during subsequent levels.
With the "Badmanís Lair" you can use your evil genius to combine your choice of monsters, heroes and items already found through the game to create an even more powerful army. Fourteen screenshots found their way in our gallery.