CABAL Online Return of the Guardians Update Launched

Also includes new buddy system features and bonuses, additional components added to the upgrade system allowing for greater accessibility, and much more today announced the launch of Return of the Guardian, the latest update to CABAL Online featuring the addition of all-new Player vs. Player systems, which expands competitive possibilities and encouraging heightened intensity in combat. Players will become Guardians for their Nation, establishing their reputations on the field of battle.
A new Guild Ranking system has been introduced to Mission War: Guilds will represent their Nation and mercilessly compete for glory and recognition. Winning guilds will be rewarded with the power to influence the world outside of PVP combat. In addition, Forbidden Island (Awakened) has now been unlocked, offering an unprecedented challenge to seasoned veterans of dungeon exploration.
Moreover, you can modify skills with a new equipment type: Effectors. This addition will allow players to change pre-existing skills to match different play-styles, allowing for deeper character customization than ever before.
The latest game client is locally mirrored.