SQUIDS Odyssey Coming This Spring, Trailer Available

From the makers of Combo Crew
Unveiling a new video, The Game Bakers has announced that SQUIDS Odyssey is set for a simultaneous digital release on the Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Wii U eShop during this Spring. In SQUIDS Odyssey, an insidious black ooze is seeping into the Squids' lush underwater kingdom, turning ordinary crabs and shrimp into dangerous monsters. In this tactical RPG, the heroes' squishy bodies become their best weapons: you can simply stretch a Squid's tentacles, then let go to fling it across the battlefield.
You can choose among 15 Squids in four classes, each with unique abilities and attacks, to build the perfect party. Then you can lead your team into turn-based battles against corrupted crustaceans using the party's strengths, the environment, and enemies' weaknesses to devise strategic attacks.
SQUIDS Odyssey includes two campaigns previously released on PC and mobile devices with tons of improvement and tweaks, along with a brand new campaign in the Japanese kingdom of Wakame. SQUIDS Odyssey also includes a new Squid hero named Oktoku and four exclusive themed helmets.
The controls have been completely reimagined for the Wii U console: players can use the Left Stick to aim and shoot, go hands-on with the Wii U GamePad touch screen, or even play exclusively on the GamePad. The Nintendo 3DS version features a choice between the Control Pad or the Nintendo 3DS stylus, plus a gorgeous layered 3D effect.