The Last of Us v1.06 Update and Left Behind DLC Launched, Trailer Released

If you are already logged in, be sure to quit out to the XMB and back into The Last of Us to receive the patch
Naughty Dog issued a new patch for The Last of Us that is required to play The Last of Us: Left Behind chapter. It adds "Left Behind" to the Main Menu, plus 10 new Trophies (1 Silver, 9 Bronze) for the Left Behind DLC.
In addition, Naughty Dog doubled the rate player movement updates are sent peer-to-peer (it reduced latency in game engine to 66ms). Note that increasing the network update rate will increase network traffic on your Internet connection.
Left Behind is a single-player downloadable story campaign that tells the story of Ellie and Riley - the launch video is available for your viewing pleasure.