One of the titles in what is known in Japan as GUILD01 series
LEVEL-5 today announced that WEAPON SHOP de OMASSE is now available in North America and Europe for 3DS via the Nintendo eShop. WEAPON SHOP de OMASSE is a role-playing game created by comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai.
The story centres around a peculiar weapon shop within a legendary RPG. RPG shopkeepers live out their lives in obscurity: unnoticed operatives behind the scenes, tirelessly supporting the game's heroes on their quests - this is the world the player will experience. As a young apprentice in a weapon shop, the player will forge and rent weapons to meet the demands from an assortment of misfit heroes. The stronger the weapons, the higher chances for the heroes' success - the world's fate rests on the quality of the player's weapons.
The player will forge, select, and rent optimal weapons for the heroes to use in battle. If they return successful, the player will be paid and get their weapon back. Aiding the heroes will also yield materials that can give weapons special properties. But if the hero fails their quest, the player will not get paid and the weapon they've put so much work into will be lost. In this game, the player must not only make powerful weapons, but also carefully choose which weapons to rent out to the heroes based on their skills.