Moebius: Empire Rising Dated, Screens Available

Kickstarted adventure game from Gabriel Knight creator coming from new video game publisher Phoenix Online Publishing
Unveiling these new screenshots, Phoenix Online Publishing announced that Moebius: Empire Rising, developed by Pinkerton Road Studio, a company founded by game designer Jane Jensen and composer Robert Holmes, will launch for PC and Mac on April 15th. The game will release for Linux and iPad and Android tablets later in 2014.
In Moebius: Empire Rising, players will step into the shoes of Malachi Rector, a high-end antiquities dealer with a photographic memory, a genius for history, and an uncanny talent for discerning genuine artifacts from cheap knock-offs. At the request of a secretive government agency, Malachi flies to Venice to determine whether a recently-murdered woman resembles any particular figure in history. Why would the U.S. government offer him $50,000 to perform this odd job? Why does a stranger he meets randomly in the desert seem like someone he's known all his life? And how come every time Malachi lets down his guard, someone tries to kill him?