Two Game Modes Added to Warface

Crytek's online free-to-play shooter now features two additional game modes: Tower Raid and Capture
Crytek has announced that its online free-to-play shooter Warface now includes two new game modes: Tower Raid, a challenging new co-op mode, and Capture, its interpretation of classic capture the flag gameplay. In Tower Raid, your mission is to take down a high-ranking Blackwood official, a true predator within this power-seeking organization. Team Warface must fight their way through each floor swarming with enemies, in order to try and free the world from this adversary.
Capture is a classic Versus mode that puts two teams against each other as they battle for an important briefcase containing nuclear codes. The defending team wins if their enemy fails to capture the briefcase, whereas the attacking team wins when they manage to bring it back to their base. Alternatively, a team wins when the opposition is completely eliminated.

Warface on PC
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