Heart&Slash Alpha Demo Released

A procedurally generated brawler with retro-inspired art that takes as an inspiration old N64 and Dreamcast games
Madrid based videogames studio, aHeartfulofGames, has unveiled that an Alpha version of Heart&Slash, is now available allowing you to play this 3D brawler with roguelike elements. The game tells the story (through a lot of fighting) of malfunctioning robot and protagonist, Heart, who embarks on a quest to find its identity and, ultimately, love (for the game’' story is a love story).
The alpha showcases combat and the beginning of the procedural generation of levels. It features 15 different weapons and 20 pieces of equipment, which is a limited sample of the over 140 different items that are planned for the full release.
A Kickstarter campaign for the game is underway.