Earthcore: Shattered Elements Kickstarter Campaign Underway

A fresh new take on the TCG genre debuts on Kickstarter
Developed by Tequila Games for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a dynamic Action Card Game that combines card collecting with fast-paced combat and tactical depth. The game will feature both a dramatic story-based single-player campaign and an online Player versus Player mode.
The gameplay of Earhcore: Shattered Elements is based on a very simple idea of three battling elements. Water extinguishes fire, fire devours nature, nature is nourished by water. The basics are easy to grasp but individual card skills add immense strategic depth to the duels. Some cards add protection to others, some can change their element, some move on the battlefield. Eventually, fights stop being about matching colors and turn into high-stake battles of the wit.
Earthcore: Shattered Elements is seeking additional funding through a Kickstarter campaign - Tequila Games wants $200 000 in funding to finish the second half of the production and release the game Q4 of 2014.