Nosgoth Closed Beta Dated, Trailer Released

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Unveiling a new video, Square Enix today announced that Nosgoth, the latest game developed by Psyonix, will enter Closed Beta on February 27th. This is a free-to-play team based, third person online multiplayer game, promising ferocious action and competitive gameplay.
During the Closed Beta phase, an all-new mode called Siege will be made available. In Siege, Humans must capture specific locations and keep them safe from Vampires, while the Vampires must satisfy their blood-thirst and hunt down their Human opponents. This is in addition to the asymmetrical, melee versus ranged Team Deathmatch mode that defines Nosgoth's signature gameplay.
The game will be updated continually throughout closed beta, with future additions including new maps, modes and character classes, plus new weapons, abilities, skins, and more.