Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Announced, First Screens Available

Experience intense Mobile Suit warfare across the Gundam series
Releasing these visuals, Tecmo Koei Europe announced that Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn will be available this summer, exclusively for the PS3 system. Set at an era called "Universal Century", giant mecha known as Mobile Suits are used to wage war across land, sea, air and space.
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn allows the control of massive Mobile Armor units for the first time in the series. Mobile Armor units tower over the opposition and deliver absolute destruction to the enemy with the Mobile Armor's unique weapons. Visual enhancements allow Mobile Suits and stages to reflect a war-torn world, as players battle through hoards of enemies across each scenario. Players will also be able to select their favourite Mobile Suit and band together for intense split-screen gameplay or online co-op multiplayer action for up to two players.