PAC-MAN MUSEUM Out Now, Screens Available

PAC-MAN, the yellow 80's icon stars in this nostalgia-packed collection of games
Available now in Europe and Australasia via digital download on XBLA, PSN and Steam, PAC-MAN MUSEUM is a compilation that includes classic PAC-MAN titles as well as newer arcade releases, allowing gamers to play through the evolution of PAC-MAN from his beginnings from 1980 through 2008's PAC-MAN Championship Edition and 2010's arcade PAC-MAN Battle Royale. The PAC-MAN formula now features an over-the-top experience for up to four players with each player controlling a PAC-MAN character. Players will chomp their way to victory through fast-paced maze action with the constant threat of both ghosts and opposing PAC-MAN characters around every corner.
Fifteen pics found their way in our gallery.