Vessel PS3 Version Dated, Screens/Video Available

Mind-bending puzzle game makes its console debut next month
Strange Loop Games today announced that the PS3 version of Vessel will arrive in North America on March 11 and across Europe one day later. To celebrate the launch of this edition, developers created a limited edition of Vessel Turbines, a desk toy that gives you your very own "Fluro" in a bottle. Each bottle contains a large blob of Ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid that comes to life when you apply a magnet - just like the creatures of Vessel.
In Vessel, you take the role of inventor Arkwright who has created living machines made out of liquid (called "Fluros") that are wreaking havoc around the world. You set out to solve the Fluro problem and unravel the mystery of what they are becoming. All the puzzles in Vessel are based on interactions with this living liquid. Exploring and understanding how to bring liquid to life will lead to success. You have the ability to create and destroy these creatures, and the story revolves around their inventor as he sees them evolve and become lifeforms of their own.
Four screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.