Endless Legend The Vaulters Video and Screens

The Vaulters are the most sci-fi like faction of Endless Legend
Iceberg Interactive has released a new video and five screenshots for Endless Legend, this time presenting The Vaulters, the most sci-fi like faction of this game developed by Amplitude Studios. Endless Legend is a 4x fantasy strategy game that features eight civilizations available both in single and multiplayer and a genuine combat system where terrain and your unit abilities are key to take the advantage over the enemy armies.
You can send your heroes in every corner of the world to find mysterious artifacts to equip your troops, and assimilate powerful minor factions which will help you overwhelm your opponents. And you can research new technologies and magical powers while collecting Dust, luxuries and strategic resources tradable on the marketplace.
Endless Legend is set for a Steam Early Access release early Q2, 2014.