Shadowrun: Dragonfall Released, New Screens Available

Community feedback inspires full-length expansion campaign set in Berlin
Unveiling these fresh visuals, Harebrained Schemes today announced that Shadowrun: Dragonfall, a major expansion to Shadowrun Returns, is now available on Windows, OSX, and Linux, via Steam and A copy of Shadowrun Returns is required to play this expansion.
Shadowrun: Dragonfall offers a new full-length campaign, the Free City of Berlin setting, a diverse new cast of characters, and a new soundtrack by Sam Powell, the composer of the original Sega Genesis Shadowrun game. It also includes new weapons, portraits and enemies, as well as new game editor features.
In addition, you can save your progress at any time during the game. The new save-game functionality is available in new downloads of Shadowrun Returns and through a patch for all existing copies.