Hyper Gauntlet - Legacy of Nozzlethruster III Released

Dodge obstacles in first person in an abstract, minimalist world
Developed by Nick Udell, Hyper Gauntlet is a never-ending quick-reflexes arcade game influenced by Super Hexagon and endless runner games like BIT.TRIP Runner and Temple Run. Players control an invisible force in an abstract and minimalist arena, constantly hurtling forwards through gaps between blue and red obstacles. As obstacles are passed and the score increases, the player runs faster and faster. To help them in their never-ending race, the player can slow down time for a few seconds to dodge through a particularly tricky section. The game rewards you for making split-second decisions and never taking the easy way out.
Hyper Gauntlet: The Legacy of Nozzlethrust III is now available for an early-bird special price of $3.50, until 11PM, March 8th, after which the price will be $5.00.