Planetsł Kickstarter Campaign Launched, Video Released

The universe is your playground
Created by Cubical Drift, Planetsł is an adventure game (FPS view) mixed with a construction game. Alone or with friends, players evolve in a cubic universe - they will level up, build tools, houses and vehicles. They will fight monsters and bosses in dungeons and explore different planets with their own starship.
The Planets3's universe is comprised of several solar systems that players can freely visit. Each solar system is replete with planets and their moons, full of resources waiting to be captured. The world is constructed entirely from blocks of different shapes and sizes. With the right tools, players will be able to pick up these blocks to use them at will by using blocks as-is or by breaking them down into materials to create new objects.
A Kickstarter campaign page for Planetsł is located here - a new video presenting the game is locally mirrored.