Spandex Force: Champion Rising Video/Screens Revealed

The spiritual sequel to casual puzzle RPGs Spandex Force: Superhero U and Spandex Force, released in 2011 and 2008 respectively
Developed by KarjaSoft, Spandex Force: Champion Rising is a tongue-in-cheek superhero game with adventure and RPG elements, featuring hex-based match-3 puzzle battles against villains and crooks threatening the peaceful city of Vigilance Valley. The player has one month to transform an everyday citizen into a superhero, aided by the Blizzard Wizard's dubious tutoring.
The game is filled with minigames that let the player rescue old ladies in distress, raise the hero's reputation or train to enhance his or her physical, elemental and mental powers. The cast includes colorful opponents such as the Heavy Mob, Countess Conundrum, Professor Aphasia, evil robots, corrupt government officials, heroes in need of anger management training - and many more.
Spandex Force: Champion Rising will launch for Windows and Android devices on April 11, followed by Mac OS X and iOS devices at a later date - a video and four screenshots have been added in our download section.