Vertiginous Golf Gets Steam Early Access, Trailer/Screens Available

Vertiginous Golf elevates mini golf to a more mature level than the typical casual and child-orientated mini golf games currently available
Published by Surprise Attack Games , Vertiginous Golf is a physics-based, first person exploratory mini-golf game, set in an alternate, steampunk-infused world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness and never-ending rain. Players chip and putt their way around courses floating high above the clouds with complex machinery and Victorian-era décor, as they slowly discover what the hell is going on in this peculiar place.
The players navigation tools include a putter, chipping wedge, a set of cameras placed at strategic positions on the holes and a fully controllable first person mechanical humming bird that is used to help plan the player's route through the holes. The holes are designed with a plethora of moving obstacles including: travelators, pipes, mini helicopters, platforms, spinners, blockers and bouncers along with a variety of contraptions that help and hinder the players progress through the holes.
The Steam Early Access build includes several significant updates from the previously available beta. Most notable is an all new after touch mechanic, where players can use a tiny jewel-encrusted mechanical beetle to apply post-swing spin to their ball. Other additions include more holes, controller support and an improved tutorial, along with adding analogue controls for the mouse and keyboard.
Vertiginous Golf will arrive in Q2 2014 - lots of screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.