Out of Hell 8 March 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Tiger Knights is a 3D war game which aims to recreate the scenes where the legendary troop swept through in battles during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. Its Steam Greenlight page can be found here.

2. The latest class added to Continent of the Ninth Seal, Nigthstalker can perform powerful summoning and absorbing attacks. She possesses Summon and Absorb skills, which allow her to summon powerful servants to fight for her during battle and absorb the servants to enhance herself to deal massive damage. Her primary weapon is a Chain Blade, which is a two-handed weapon.

3. Created by Flavours Games, El Pinguino Run is now available on Windows Phone 8 and Google Play. In one night all avocados disapeared from Mexico (no more guacamol, tacos or burritos) and only one man can help then: El Pinguino. To succeed, El Pinguino must run as far and as long as possible, across the country. You must help him avoiding ennemies or traps by quickly touching the right part of your screen.

4. Twitch has announced it will be the official live streaming partner of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The partnership with the tradeshow's owner, Entertainment Software Association (ESA), is a three year agreement that begins with E3 2014.

5. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has shipped more than 1.1 million units worldwide since its release in January 2013. The complete Ni no Kuni franchise, which includes the DS version (only released in Japan), has shipped over 1.7 million units. The game has received so far 69 awards and 145 nominations including "Best RPG" at VGX Award hosted by Spike TV in America and nominated for British Academy of Film and Television Award.

6. Created by maqueve, Nexus Ball is a 3D puzzle/action game featuring 15 levels with obstacles that will hinder the player's progress.