Zombies Ate My Pizza Closed Beta Begins, Screens Released

Closed Beta will end on Wednesday, March 19th at 22:00 EDT (19:00 PDT).
Developed by Funova Technology, Zombies Ate My Pizza is a top-down, MMO action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. Taking inspiration from anime in its character design, the game promises intense action and fierce events while delivering comic relief with its quirky dialogue and singular storyline. After selecting between two unique character classes, players embark in various missions to collect supplies, clear invaded areas and fight boss battles. Key features include daily missions, basic training in 3v3 battle mode, a Superpower system and player-run Militias.
The Closed Beta test is now underway - once the test is over, all character and account data will be deleted. A batch of screenshots has been inserted in our gallery.