Dungeon Rushers Indiegogo Campaign Underway and Screens/Video

The multiplayer mode promises ranking, tournaments and possibility to play with friends
Gobelinz Studio has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Dungeon Rushers, a 2D dungeon crawler with an asynchronous multiplayer system where players explore dungeons and try to find and loot the treasures hidden inside. To overcome traps and monsters, players will have to put together a team by using the best possible combination of heroes.
The second aspect of the game is what constitutes the strength of the title: the player will have to build his own dungeon and put obstacles (such as sneaky traps and groups of monsters) to protect his treasure from the other adventurers who are tempted to plunder it.
The game will be a free-to-play available on smartphones (iOS and Android) and browsers in English and French, and in Chinese too if developers will gather enough funds. Only customizations for dungeons will be buyable with real money. Eight screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.